You had me at hello..

Annie. 24. I am a real life mermaid.. CNA. Married to Dean, the love of my life. He is currently a soldier in the US Army, but we are almost done with that adventure and ready to move back home to Michigan. We have been TTC for over a year now and are going through fertility testing.

mrsm0rales yeah it’s terrible!summer needs to get its act together and just get here already!

mrsm0rales oh no. I packed most of my warm warm clothes up though. It was in the 60-70s the past weekish, and we woke up with a thin layer of snow this morning. I wore flip flops and didn’t take a jacket and was definitely regretting that decision when I was walking my groceries to the car. Lol. I could never follow a dress code on post either haha.

I think it’s time to go on another lush shopping spree.

Because I’m currently not waiting on any products and I feel like that means I need more.


if you don’t use Lush products you are doing something severely wrong… 

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I screwed up, Mer. I screwed up, I really screwed up!

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