You had me at hello..

Annie. 24. I am a real life mermaid.. CNA. Student. Married to Dean, the love of my life. He is currently a soldier in the US Army, but we are almost done with that adventure and ready to move back home to Michigan. We have been TTC for over a year and a half and are currently going through fertility testing. Hoping to get some answers and possibly some options to help get us on track.

Why You're Not A Beachbody Coach..... YET! →


Becoming a beachbody coach has been such an exciting decision that I’ve made in my life. Honestly I was so skeptical before I signed up as a coach. I know the programs actually work.. But doing a program and being a coach are two completely different aspects of beachbody. I had a friend that…

Alright you guys I have an amazing opportunity for 4 people! →


Have you ever thought about working from home or becoming a beachbody coach. But you’re not really sure what it entails or how the business works from the inside. Spending a good chunk of money on becoming part of a business you aren’t sure will be a good fit for you is a hard risk to take! BUT

stephanieunderthesea asked: I love you :) people need to back off!


Dude for real! And it was so incredibly random! Lol. Like ok? What are you looking for here bro…

Anonymous asked: I just saw that you came from a abusive relationship before your husband now so I figured you wouldn't put up with crap like that. I wasn't trying to hate you made it that way


My husband and I occasionally go have fun with our friends. He’s not a drunk by anymeans. Nor is he abusive towards me when he IS drunk, or sober for that matter. So the two don’t really compare. Just because I had a bad experience in the past doesn’t mean I am going to shackle my husband now and deny him anything that could possibly start an argument. Or a fight. Or an awkward situation. I get drunk sometimes and I do embarrassing things too. It’s not a big deal. But I am not going to answer anymore anonymous asks about this. If you want to talk, you can message me privately.

Anonymous asked: Nope


So what was the point of sending me a message like that anyways? Did you get the response you were looking for? I don’t really know what you were hoping to get out of me….?

Anonymous asked: Arnt you embarrassed by the way your husband acts when he's drunk? You should talk to him about the way he acts


It happens sometimes. Everyone has issues. And usually drunk people aren’t exactly class acts. It’s not something that regularly happens. Why does it matter? It’s frustrating, but whatever…

Aren’t you embarrassed you had to ask this question anonymously because you’re too big a coward to say that to my face?

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